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Academic Bio

I'm a lecturer at Monash University, where I teach ethics. Before Monash, I did my BA at UT Austin and my PhD at MIT.

My dissertation, What We Owe to Ourselves, defends a unified view of duties to oneself and permissions not to sacrifice for others.

The basic idea: we wrong ourselves by doing what would wrong a consenting other, and we have the right not to make a sacrifice when it would be wrong to impose it on a non-consenting other.

Besides ethics, I write about epistemology, metaphysics, and moral psychology. I’m also writing a book based on my dissertation, with new chapters on exploitation, immigration, and resistance to oppression.

By Karina Oleynik

By Karina Oleynik

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Three Paradoxes of Supererogation (forthcoming) – Noûs.

The Paradox of Duties to Oneself (forthcoming) – AJP.

Grounding Nonexistence (forthcoming) – Inquiry.

Defeaters and Disqualifiers (2019) – Mind.

Thinking, Acting, Considering (2018) – AJP.

Other Papers

Not Knowing Everything That Matters (2014) – The Philosopher's Magazine, with Jonathan Dancy.

Exploited Labor and the Status Quo – promised to an OUP collection on exploitation, with Mirjam Muller.

In Progress

[A paper on consequentialism] (Revise & Resubmit, JPhil)
[A paper on rights] (Reject & Resubmit, PPA)
[Another paper on rights] (under review)
[A paper on supererogation] (under review)
[Another paper on supererogation] (under review)
[A short piece on exploitation] (under review)
Better to Do Wrong (rewriting)
All Reasons Are Moral (rewriting)
Echo Chambers and Dependent Evidence
Discovery, Disagreement, and Moral Twin Earth
Do Promise-Breakers Wrong Themselves? (a reply to Gilbert)
Knowledge of Objective ‘Oughts’ (with Jack Spencer)

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