Daniel Muñoz

I'm a 5th-year PhD student at MIT, where I work on issues in ethics: rights and reasons, trolleys and transplants, consequentialism and deontology.

My other philosophical interests are mainly in metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of action.

Dissertation: What We Owe to Ourselves: Essays on Rights and Supererogation.

Committee: Kieran Setiya & Tamar Schapiro (co-chairs), Caspar Hare.



Defeaters and Disqualifiers (forthcoming) – in Mind.

Thinking, Acting, Considering (2018) – in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Not Knowing Everything That Matters (2014) – in The Philosopher's Magazine, with Jonathan Dancy.

Other Papers

Grounding Nonexistence

Better to Do Wrong

From Rights to Prerogatives