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Academic Bio

I'm a 5th-year PhD student in philosophy at MIT. In July 2019, I will become a Lecturer (assistant professor) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where I’ll be teaching courses on moral theory and human rights.

My dissertation argues that we have the same basic moral rights against ourselves as against anyone else, and that these rights set the limits of morality's demands.

Dissertation title: What We Owe to Ourselves: Essays on Rights and Supererogation.

My committee: Kieran Setiya & Tamar Schapiro (co-chairs), Caspar Hare.

By Karina Oleynik

By Karina Oleynik


Defeaters and Disqualifiers (forthcoming) – in Mind.

Thinking, Acting, Considering (2018) – in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Not Knowing Everything That Matters (2014) – in The Philosopher's Magazine, with Jonathan Dancy.

More Papers

[A paper on rights] (under review)
Better to Do Wrong
[A paper on moral paradoxes] (R&R, Noûs)

About 'Muñoz'
You can type ‘ñ' on a PC by hitting ctrl+shift+` then 'n'. (Think of it as ctrl-tilde.) On a Mac, press option+n then 'n'.
As for pronunciation, I say “moon-YOSE,” but “MOON-yoze” or anything remotely close is perfectly fine. (The enye represents an alveolo-palatal nasal stop, 'ɲ' in IPA, if that helps.)